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Women in Science
↳ The Trimates

The Trimates, or ‘Leakey’s Angels’, were a trio of three pioneering women in primatology.  In a time when not much was known about primates in the natural world, these three women spent decades of their lives in the jungles of Africa and Asia to observe the wild populations.

Dian Fossey studied mountain gorillas in Rwanda.  Fighting discrimination from her male peers, her scientific achievements eventually led her to become the world’s leading authority on the gorillas.  In 1985, she was murdered in her camp, and her life was immortalized on film in ‘Gorillas in the Mist’.

Jane Goodall is world-renowned for her 45-year study on chimpanzees.  The first of the Trimates, Jane Goodall became the eighth person ever with no prior university education to receive a Ph.D from Cambridge University.  She remains well known for her connection and activism on behalf the chimpanzees she observed in Tanzania.

Birutė Galdikas was the final member of the Trimates, sent out last by Louis Leakey.  Her studies were on the orangutans of Borneo, of which little was known at the time.  During her 30 years of observing the orangutans, she contributed an enormous foundation of knowledge about the jungles of Indonesia and introduced the study of the orangutan into the scientific community for the first time.

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